Retrofit Roofs

Give Your Old Roof a Fresh Look

There are a lot of benefits that come with installing a retrofit roof from Black Hawk Roof Co, Inc. Using, top-of-the-line materials, the experienced Black Hawk Roof Co, Inc. team will install a new roof surface on top of your existing roof, which helps you save on the cost of tearing off the existing roof.

New framing is securely attached to your existing roof and the new roof is then attached to the frame. Often, additional insulation is installed during the process, adding to the energy-efficiency and improving the overall integrity of the roof. Depending on the slope and design of your existing roof, a retrofit roof can be customized to give your new roof a new dimension and character.

Black Hawk Roof Co, Inc. installs retrofit roof solutions for single-ply systems, metal roof systems, paver roofs and more. We offer customized designs to fit the conditions of your existing roof. Retrofit roofs are extremely reliable, durable and improve energy-efficiency.

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