To learn more about FiberTite’s performance compared to other roofing options and to see how sustainable the materials are, visit the FiberTite website.

Durable roofing membranes

Seaman Corporation first installed FiberTite in 1979; three decades later, those early roofs are still performing. In fact, 99% of the FiberTite roofs ever installed continue to protect. Quality and durability are the hallmark of FiberTite roof system.  Black Hawk Roof Co, Inc. depends on FiberTite’s monolithic high-performance fabric technology for durable roofing membranes that outperform, even under the most intense weather conditions.

Using a proprietary fabric knit design and unique coating material based on the DuPont™ Elvaroy® KEE formula, a FiberTite roof provides maximum seam strength, superior welding, unmatched chemical and wind resistance and long-term flexibility.

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