A Superior Roofing System for High Performance, Durability & Energy Savings Flex membranes coated with DuPont’s Elvaloy KEE (ketone ethylene ester) provide state-of-the-art performance for thermoplastic single ply roofing systems. Elvaloy KEE, unlike liquid plasticizers, does not migrate out of the membrane, keeping it flexible, workable and tough from the day the roof is installed, even in extreme climates. Its remarkable physical and chemical properties make Flex Elvaloy KEE thermoplastic single ply membranes the ideal choice for roofing systems that are tougher than the elements. Flex membranes based on Elvaloy KEE are ideal for mechanically attached, fully-adhered, ballasted and green roof applications. All membranes are reinforced and are available with smooth backing or fleece backing. Specify Flex Elvaloy KEE with confidence… DuPont Elvaloy KEE makes the difference.

Expert Source for Thermoplastic
Single Ply Roofing Systems

Over 90% of Flex customers rely on us for all they need for every thermoplastic single ply job they install. That says a lot. Our roofing systems Flex Elvaloy® KEE, Flex PVC and Flex TPO are the highest performance thermoplastic single ply roof solutions in the business.

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